I am a writer, artist, designer, crocheter, philosopher, musician, tea lover, coffee snob, nerd, fiber junkie, and a very awkward person.

I’m also an award-winning editor and journalist from south-eastern Pennsylvania who specializes in dual-wielding semicolons and caffeinated beverages while creating stuff that rocks.

I have a passion for writing, editing, and grammar. My goal is to tell stories, in all their crazy-flavored glory.

In the past I have worked for an international technology firm as a marketing assistant, a journalism conglomerate as an editor, and various creative businesses as a print, graphics, and web designer and marketer. I currently write and edit for Plum Deluxe, a daily e-zine dedicated to making moments matter, and The Gluten Free Hack, which is my blog about gluten free eating, living, foraging, and travel.

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