Why I gave up writer coaching

if I can't see you, you can't see me... right?

It’s pretty simple, actually: I was using other people’s writing as an excuse not to do my own.

I was hiding behind their stories instead of telling mine; I let them do the work that I was afraid to do.

And that needs to stop.

To that end, I’ve put my writer coaching and workshops on hiatus. Instead, I’ll be focusing on writing my story and doing my work. My past few blog posts were written with that in mind, and while I certainly won’t stop talking about writing or writers (I have a great interview coming up with Megan from Namesake), there’s going to be a lot more personal storytelling going on here.

If you’re not up for that, it’s ok. This isn’t about you any more; it’s about me growing a pair and doing what I’ve always known I needed to do.

Of course, I’d really love if you came along for the ride. It’s probably going to get interesting.