If all you need is an editor, straight up, I’m your bar tender (though have you tried it on the rocks?). Editing is my not-so-secret nerdy passion. I started correcting people’s spoken grammar when I was five or six years old; by the time I entered college my weapon of choice was a red pen. Call it OCD, call it love of truth, but wordplay is my crack.

Whether you’re working on a research paper, a print catalog, or a website, you could use a second set of eyes on your work (trust me, even editors need editors). My style is efficient, thorough, and thoughtful, with over a decade of experience behind it.

My goal is to take your personal writing voice and polish it until it shines, leaving your manuscript clean and error-free — and unmistakably you.

I read your manuscript three times:

Once, for spelling and grammar.
Twice, for consistency and flow.
Thrice, to catch anything I missed the first two times.

Editing is $40 per hour.

Email me to discuss your project and get a time estimate. Or use the form below.

Curious about why you should let a grammar freak with brightly-colored hair look at your work? Click here.