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This Is Fiction: Developing Your Story online weekend workshop: February 22-24, 2013

Do you have an idea for an adventure, but aren’t sure how to begin writing? Do you have character ideas that just won’t leave you alone?

This intensive weekend workshop will guide you through the beginning stages of story development.

We’ll use exercises, prompts, and our own unorthodox take on classic writing techniques to help you through the process. The entire workshop takes place online, and we’ll give you the tools you need to do the work. You’ll end the weekend with a cast of characters, a plot outline, and a world of your own.

All fiction writers ages 16 – 600 are welcome. Space is limited! REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Sign up for our email list to find out when the next workshop is taking place.


Friday — 8:30-10:00pm EST

Why Are You Writing? — What inspires you to write? Is it a social issue or a story from your past? Are you influenced by a particular author or style? We’ll get to know each other and at the same time delve into the “whys” of our craft. May involve mad libs.

Saturday — 12-9:00pm EST

12-3:00pm — Creating Your World — This is fiction, so YOU get to play god. Design the stage for your characters, from geography and rules of nature to politics, creatures, and races.
Break time!
3:30-5:00pm — Developing Characters — Your characters are one of the most important elements of your story. The better you get to know them, the better you’ll portray them to your readers.
Break time!
7-9:00pm — Sharing & Brainstorming — Take some time to reflect on your world and characters. Then you’ll share what you’ve written and brainstorm with others.

Sunday — 1-6:00pm EST

1-3:00pm — The Plot — How does your story play out? We’ll set up the framework and talk about flow.
Break time!
3:30-4:30pm — Storytelling — We’ll explore different methods of storytelling and identify which works best for you.
Break time!
5-6:00pm — Sharing & Q&A — Share your thoughts and ideas with the group, get feedback, and ask questions.


Technical Requirements:

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Skype or phone
  • Paper and your favorite writing & drawing instruments

You’ll Get:

  • PDF workbook
  • Personal attention from two very quirky instructors
  • A plot outline to guide your writing
  • Insight into your characters’ psyches and growth
  • A unique setting for your story
  • Peer reviews & critiques
  • List of amazing resources

Questions about the workshop?
Contact us! We’re more than happy to chat with you.

your instructors

CJK_snerkCarrie Keplinger has an English degree and she knows how to use it (it makes an excellent bookmark). She’s been editing since the tender age of six, when she corrected her mother’s grammar for the first — and last — time. Carrie is an award-winning editor who has read a lot of everything, from classic novels to historical fiction to sci fi to vampire lit (not “Twilight”).
IMG_4374Jason Keplinger sucks at English; he is a master of run-on sentences (Carrie put that semicolon in there for him). What he lacks in proper grammar, he makes up for with his passion for a well-told story. His observations and knowledge of storytelling, RPGs, and mythical lore help writers craft intricate tales. He has more swords than you have friends.



Workshop: $250 per person
registration now closed!

Workshop + 1.5 hour personal story development coaching: $300
registration now closed!

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