I’ve been writing professionally for the past ten years and have a highly journalistic — though vaguely snarky — style. You can find current samples of my writing at Plum Deluxe, The Gluten Free Hack, and The Daily Tea, or check out the links below.



Tea 101: Perfection In a Cup
Luxe In Your Cup: Making a Personalized Tea Blend
5 Unique Teas to Improve Your Mood and Increase Your Productivity
6 of the Best Indie Teamakers in the US
You Can’t Spell Steampunk without Tea (for The Daily Tea)
There’s a Mushroom In My Tea: The Mysterious Miracle of Kombucha and How to Brew It for Yourself (for The Daily Tea)
Shaken, Not Stirred: Perfect Iced Tea for a Warm Summer’s Day
Herbal Tea Ingredients that Improve Your Health
Boost Your Immune System with Tea High In Vitamin C (for The Daily Tea)
4 Surprising Add-Ins for Tea
3 Reasons Tea Is Good for Your Gut (for The Daily Tea)
Chai Style: Delving Into the World’s Most Popular Spiced Tea (for The Daily Tea)
Spice Is Nice: Three Perfect Chai Cocktails
Best Apps for Teatime
Don’t be S.A.D. — Drink Tea! (for The Daily Tea)
Four Herbal Teas to Help You Survive the Holidays (for The Daily Tea)
Rare Is the Magic Word: When it comes to tea, Rodrick Markus is an uber nerd (for The Daily Tea)
Four Movies for Teatime Entertainment
Creme de la Creme: Flavored Creams to Heighten Your Tea-Drinking Delight
Tea for Two: Darling Dates for You and Your Sweetie
5 Yoga Poses for Tea Lovers (for Do You Yoga)
Ways to Use Loose Leaf Tea
18 Places to Stick Your Chai
Fancy Tea Ice Cubes to Chill You Out
Keepin’ It Real Hot: How to Prevent Your Tea from Cooling Down
The Language of Tea: From Gezelligheid to Elevenses
The Best High-End Tea Making Machines for the Perfect Morning Cuppa


Gluten Free

How to Treat Yourself, Even If You’re Gluten Intolerant
How to Be a Guest with Dietary Restrictions (Without Being a Jerk)
How to Be Gluten Free On the Go
Self-Care Tips for Dealing With Food Allergies (for The Daily Tea)
>> everything over at The Gluten Free Hack!



Artisan Agriculture: Exploring Pennsylvania’s Berks County Wine Trail
History, Hooch, and Hospitality: A Weekend Getaway to Shepherdstown, WV
Breathtaking Beauty in Big Sky: A Weekend Getaway in Glacier Country, Montana
Exploring the Natural Wonders of Glacier National Park



Reclaiming Summer: 4 Frozen Treats for Adults Only
Apple of My Eye: Let’s Hear It for Hard Cider
Everything You Wanted to Know About Absinthe but were Afraid to Ask
Milk and Cookies for Big Kids: 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Moo
I Will Be Your Gin In a Bottle: Top 3 Indie Gins from the US
Everything You Wanted to Know About Brandy (But Were Afraid to Ask)
The Perfect Vanilla MarTEAni
Cocktail DIY: How to Make Your Own Flavored Vodka
Elderflower White Wine Sangria
A Freshly Minted Cocktail for Year-round Enjoyment
Hot Toddy Recipe Basics: Warm Up With This Traditional Medicinal Cocktail



How to Shop (and Cook) With What’s Fresh At the Farmers Market
How to Host a Chic Chocolate Tasting Your Friends Will Love
Lunch Is In the Backyard: A Beginner’s Guide to Foraging
Chocolate Hazelnut Throwdown: 5 Popular Spreads Go Head to Head
Sweet and Spicy Chai Rice Pudding
Getting Fancy with Infused Sugars
Be a Salty Dog: Infused Sea Salts for Kitchen and Bath
Taste the Craze with Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Bars
Two Green Tea Treats to Revolutionize Your Tea Time
Summer Sweet Tea Rib Rub for Grilling Goodness
How to Throw a Back Porch Pizza Party
Spice and Everything Nice: 30 Ways to Use Mulling Spices


Home & Health

Open Fires: How to Enjoy a Crackling Blaze Without a Fireplace
Feeling Juicy: A Little Love Affair with Juice Cleansing
Everyday Tea Ceremony: Bringing Mindfulness to Daily Moments
Skin So Sweet: Honey Treatments for Your Body
Hey, Honey: Your Sweetener May Fight Cancer (for The Daily Tea)
More Than a Beverage: Taking Your Tea to the Spa
Sweet Things: 3 Sugar Alternatives to Love
How to Build the Perfect Tea Station

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